Sean Arnold

Sean Arnold has been a full-time Real Estate investor since 2004 and is one of the founders of O.P.M. Guys. His passion for real estate and ethical approach to every scenario has lead Sean into mentoring individuals who have a passion and entrepreneurial spirit for success. He is known as an expert in buying houses without money or credit!  He has been a featured speaker both live and on radio at Real Estate Investor Associations all over the southwestern United States.  He served as the Director of Education for the Realty Investment Club of Houston.  His story will inspire you - and appears in the best-selling book by David Finkel "The Real Estate Fast Track:  How to Create a $5,000 to $50,000 Per Month Real Estate Cash Flow".  His wealth of knowledge and spiritual outlook on life has helped many individuals meet their dreams and life time goals. Sean has literally seen it all and wants to help you succeed!

David Rowe

A seasoned entrepreneur who joined Sean in 2006 and aspired to build wealth using creative real estate techniques.  With a degree in business marketing and the tech experience to build websites and business models, David has started and sold multiple businesses. His advanced strategies on marketing sets him a part from the rest.  David loves to help students with business planning, marketing solutions and purchasing property using OPM. 

David has mentored hundreds of students in real estate and is excited when new students come into the network. He believes in a results driven approach and looks forward to pushing, mentoring and collaborating
with each new student.

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