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A real estate investing term used by real estate investors to mean:  Any anquisition of property without using your own cash or credit

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It's important to us that everyone we come in contact with has success.  ( A hard feat to accomplish ) But we want to pour all of our knowledge out to YOU in a platform that is easy and readily available.

Many of our information is free and can be found in your e-book section of our website. We encourage all of you to download and educate yourself on ways to create income using O.P.M.

















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Please download our complimentary ebooks and education on real estate investing using O.P.M.

  • 103 Websites Every Investor Needs

  • Top 10 Reasons  Every Investor should buy subject to.

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Real Estate Investing Courses

All of our courses are designed with one thing in mind.  Getting you SUCCESS! Our courses will guide you through the necessary steps to find a deal and execute your goal.

  • Mastering, buying property with no money down.

  • Mastering owner financing with a trust

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Coaching & Training

Real Estate Coaching & Training are available for individuals who want to fast track their success.

“If you want real estate training, these are the guys to teach you.”

David H. - Houston, TX

Bought House #1 Using OPM

“These guys are the real deal and helped me jump start my investing.”

Robert N. - Houston, TX

His first investment property using OPM

“I love their techniques and creativity to get deals done”

Marsha D. - Pearland, TX

Her first real estate investment deal!

“You just can't get this type of hands on training anywhere else”

Gerald D. - Houston, TX

Bought House #5 Using OPM

“Fantastic training all the way around. Haven't seen anything like this”

Shawn - Kingwood, TX

His second investment property using OPM

" The knowledge these guys to the table is incredible.”

David O. - Leauge City, TX

#5 real estate investment deal!

“Although I definitely put in the work, it was easier than I thought!”

Brandon C. - Houston, TX

Bought House #2 Using OPM

“Their training course is first class AND they are available to me”

Andy. - Spring, TX

His third investment property using OPM

" I did what I needed to do using their methods... and it worked!”

Andy S. - Leauge City, TX

House #1 using the "subject to" method

“Learning was easy... These guys know what they're talking about!”

Landon W. - Spring, TX

Bought House #1 Using OPM

“Training made easy. Best part is I can do it on my own time!”

Landon W. - Spring, TX

House #2 investment property using OPM

"Following their scripts became second nature to me.”

Landon W. - Spring City, TX

House #3 using the "subject to" method

“Almost seemed like it was too good to be true... but it wasn't”

Landon W. - Spring, TX

Bought House #4 Using OPM

“I knew nothing about real estate... but guess what? Now I do!”

Rene P. - Houston, TX

His 1st investment property using OPM

"Following their scripts became second nature to me.”

Scott D. - Houston, TX

House #1 using no money down investing

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